• Diagnostics
    • periapical X-ray
    • panoramic X-ray
    • bacterial examination
  • Periodontal treatments:
    • supra and subgingival scaling, ultrasonic and by hand too
    • periodontal disease treatment conservative,  and with soft and hard laser
    • periodontal surgery
    • ozone treatment
  • Aesthetic and conservative treatments:
    • aesthetic fillings
    • drilling with Laser
    • caries treatment with ozone
    • root canal treatment with Laser and ozone too
    • root fillings
    • inlay ceramic or gold
    • veneers
  • oral surgery treatments
    • tooth extraction
    • teeth, roots gently surgery extraction
    • wisdom tooth surgery extraction
    • root resection, retrograd root filling
    • implantation
    • preimplantological surgery- if the bone quantity is not enough - remodeling inadequate bone structures with own beone, natural bone substitute material, and with membrane, sinus floor augmentation, etc.
  • Prosthodonthics treatments
    • broken teeth build up with posts
    • fixed replacement (crown and bridges) metalfree ceramic, Circon, gold, platin-gold, or not precious metal, onto implants or teeth
    • removable partial prothesis with hidden ankers gold or not precious metal,
    • removable prothesis onto implants or without implants too

after whitening and filling:

Elszíneződött fog képe

 after whitening and filling:

Fogfehérítés után

  •  veneers compozit, ceramic, Lumineers